Getting the playground

What is this?

The goal of the Light Table playground is to give people early access to the features we are working on for Light Table, while also collecting metrics and gaining feedback to learn how people are ultimately going to use the platform.

How do I get it?

Below are the instructions for getting the playground on Mac, Linux, and Windows. The launcher is a simple Java app that updates and starts the Light Table server. Once the server is running either an app or a browser window will open and you're good to go! In all cases, Java is required and Chrome is the only officially supported browser.


Download the launcher and double click.

Linux (Chrome)

Download the launcher and double click.

You may need to change the permissions on the jar either by right clicking and going to properties or via chmod +x.

Windows (Chrome)

Download the launcher and double click.

NOTE: This does not work in IE as it doesn't have websockets.

Having issues?

If you have any issues getting it installed or otherwise, our first suggestion is to delete ~/.lighttable and run the appropriate command again - this will reinstall everything fresh. If you run into any issues or have feedback past that, we set up a github repo to help us track everything: